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About Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas and its fame

The variety of Sin City attractions is global. Each year thousands of tourists coming to Las Vegas to play in numerous casinos. A non-experienced person might get lost in big amount of entertainment, but all people are actually longing about one thing: an unforgettable time to talk about until next year! Booking a room in Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel. It's well-known as one of the oldest casinos in Vegas. Originally built in 1946, it was renovated several times and now offers almost 2.500 rooms to guests. The Golden Nugget Las Vegas has appeared in various movies, games, TV series. This place doesn't even need a description, site is iconic and well-known.

If you think that after a great success the owner made a decision to launch a website with online version of casino, you would be partially right. Golden Nugget online has common roots with the famous place in Las Vegas. First of all, both have one owner, who opened virtual doors of Golden Nugget online in 2013. Since then it became a holy place for money makers.

Why Golden Nugget online casino is a top rated casino in NJ

Very states in America allow gambling online on a legal basis. Respectable websites have a high security and don't allow players from other states to register. Golden Nugget online casino has a high reputation. Firstly, it is under the regulation of DGE which exists to serve one noble aim: to protect US citizens from non-legitimate casino business. There are investigators who track operations in Golden Nugget online casino every day. In case of any crime there's a NJ State Police to deal with problems. Being highly regulated by local government, casino is totally safe.

Entry to Golden Nugget online is completely free. A new member can learn how to gamble, to practice and master his skills. People love it because of huge amount of slot machines. Although people who are into table games may find roulette and blackjack for themselves. Currently only 12 blackjack versions are available on Golden Nugget online website, but developers are constantly working on improvements and looking for ways to expand their collection.

Still have doubts about joining it?

As it was mentioned above the casino is regulated on government level. Playing games is completely safe. The website is fully licensed, so your money won't disappear.

Online casino also has several ways of transferring money to winners, all legal and secure.